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Buggy Enough to called Microsoft Books!

I’ve used Quickbooks for 7+ years. Despite not having regular Mac updates, It has served me well. So for a 30 day free trial, I thought I would try the online version. And of course, they offererd the Mac app to wokr “like you are used to on a Macintosh”. ABSOLUTELY NOT at all like the stand alone app. Trying to launch more often than not get connections errors. Even thru the browser there is about a 50-50 chance that it will not connect. I need access ON DEMAND, not when it wants to try and work. Then the accounts were totally screwed up. I would have to go back over 7 years of entries to re-reconcile to get back to correct. NEVER AGAIN for me!

The current version 2.4.5 will not work

I’ve been using Quickbooks Online now for a few years and it’s been very good. They’ve added new features and the iPad app has been a great addition to my business. HOWEVER… the most current version of the Desktop App for QB Online lets me log in, but fails to get company information and sends me back to the log in landing page. Very frustrating. What’s more frustrating is the lack of support. Trying to get in contact with someone is a PITA. You can post in the community, but I’m not looking for accoutning help. Give me a phone number I can call that isn’t time limited (to times that I cannot call) or give me an email address I can send in my concerns. Quickbooks Online website DOES work fine with my login though. No issues there.

Buggy Buggy Buggy….

Connection is sketchy at best. Not the end of the world but when you are busy really trying to lots done little speed bumps can be a real buzzkill. Also many little glitches during Reconciliation processes. Get rid of the bugs and I would probably rate higher, but have multiple suggestions to Intuit and no response. Not a unique experience, big company unresponsive to little guy stuck within a platform.

Horrible—Crashes consistently

I was using QB online and switched to the app and it has been horrible. It consistently crashes and says it is "working to bring my company information up. This may take a few minutes” or something of the sort. I have contacted support and they said they have been having issues and to uninstall and reinstall. I am tired of doing that. I had to go back to using it online which is better but not great. Very frustrating.

Doesn’t Work

WARNING: DO NOT UPDATE TO THE LATEST VERSION YET. This latest version doesn’t work. I’m used to having to restart when I leave it open too long because it times out or whatever the buggy reason was, but now I can’t even log in. I’ve tried restarting the app, my computer, etc. I don’t have time to spend looking into this kind of stuff, it’s why I downloaded the app in the first place - my time is valuable! QuickBooks, get it together. If you’re going to support Mac and provide an app, then it should work. Your app hasn’t worked right since the day I downloaded it, and this latest update is very frustrating.


Awful Awful App. After taking 5 minutes to log me in, this is the buggiest app I’ve ever seen. Doesn’t update the transactions list on its own so you’re always having to manually refresh. Bunch of crap.

Waste of time and energy

The app is supposed to be faster than the internet version of Quickbooks online. Maybe it is, if you can ever get it to launch, which it doesn’t. This version is TERRIBLE! One of the previous versions worked for awhile until it didn’t. This one doesn’t work AT ALL. Don’t waste your time and energy on it.

Its time for Intuit to fix this

It’s well past time that Intuit invest whatever it takes to bring QBO up to the standards of its desktop counterpart. This program is buggy, odd, and lacks basic necessary features. About the only thing it has going for it is portability. This app really seems like someone’s first attempt at a book keeping program instead of a product from a company with decades of industry leading experience. Come on Intuit, step up to the plate.

This should not even be a Beta version

Crashes nearly every time I open it. I have to relaunch modules 2-3 times for them to finally open. The worst part is that it doesn’t have Sales Orders which is an absolute nightmare for us. There are several other key features that we had in desktop but don’t have now. We didn’t want to migrate to online but were forced to since Intuit cut off 3rd party access to its Sync feature. We were syncing data to SugarCRM and would have lost that functionality if we didn’t migrate. Lastly, when we pulled over payroll, my entire payroll was revealed to anyone with standard access because all paychecks were imported as regualar checks. Thanks Intuit.

Great app

My wife & I work on QBOnline at the same time and love this feature. The only real issue we have is when the internet speed drops. I have not found any app that doesn’t have issues sometime or other! THAT’S LIFE!!!



Good app…

I am a first time business owner who decided to use this app to manage the cost of my construction and subsiquent small business accounting. I love the functionality of this app. Most operations are very straight forward and the UI is friendly and fairly intuitive. However, there are many functions, some essential for proper accounting, that are not obvious to the novice… I don’t expect to be able to utilize a professional level software to the fullest with no experience but I was having a hard time reconcilling certain expenditures and credits and had to call customer service. The representative was polite but ultimately very unhelpful. Her “knowledge” of the software and its general operation was incredibly poor and she was unable to help me in the least. Her ultimate solution was that I live with the accounting discrepancies and mitigate them by manipulating the dates of the various reports i would need to run for taxes, etc. After some digging online and on youtube I was able to find a fairly simple and obvious solution to my problem, that in retrospect, should have been well within the scope of information a service rep could provide over the phone. Ulitimately, I fixed the problem myself and now have perfectly balanced books… but it was no thanks to quickbooks reps. My advice for first time users would be to spend a half a day reading blogs and watching videos to pick up as many tips about the full features of this software as possible. The business division at my local Mac store even had a quickbooks training session recently… Learn how to use it and you should love it.

It used to work. Until the update...

I actually kind of liked the app. It was convenient. Then I installed the update to see if it would fix some issues. It made everything worse. As in it no longer opens. Good work.

Keeps asking me to log in.

It says you can skip the login by using this app but it still asks me to login over and over again. It’s also much slower and doesn’t seem to have any advantages over just using the web version.


This program used to run great on my computer, now after upgrading, it will not load my company data and goes to an “Error 404” page. Now I have to sign in online to do my bookkeeping.


After spending ~30 mins of time on entering data into my quickbooks app, I saved it and it crashed on me. All the data was lost. This is disappointing for a paid piece of software. All my time and effort gone.

What did you do??

This was a great working app. The last update makes it refresh every few minutes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled with the same issues. Very frustrating. Please fix the bugs!

Works Kind of

If you are going to try to print a report, don’t even bother to use this application. It always cuts off the right side of the report, no matter how you lay your print format. Just go to the website because your web browsers will print the content correctly. If you have an I pad just do most of the stuff on it just seems easier on the iPad if not well this program works mostly. I said this because there are few other temperamentalities to the program like the banking issue where it forget you already told it yes to a check so it stays there and when you say yes once more it say sorry cant find check or something to the sorts.

Don’t waste your energy on this app

This app used to be fantastic until the update like other users have said. This update makes it crash, not send invoices, unsave data etc. Went back to do all the work through the website.

so frustrating

We’ve come to expect a certain level of excellence in Apple Apps, so this one is highly disappointing. My internet connection is pretty slow for the web version, so I tried the app version to increase speed… Well, surprisingly, despite the claims, it isn’t any faster. Just spins and thinks and spins and thinks, occasionally crashes (more often than the web version). I keep going back and forth because it’s a great interface and I like some of the features, but I sincerely wish Intuit could get it working properly. I don’t care if it downloads all of my data at the beginning of each session, it should be faster and more responsive.

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