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Its a good start, needs a lot of improvement

I’ve been using quickbooks for years and I’m shocked at how badly it performs on a Mac. It’s so bad, they shouldn’t even sell it (and they sell it for the same price as a PC). Customer service suggested I buy a PC in order to use quickbooks properly…just to give you an idea. You can’t search sales by location, Name Address field is non-existent (makes it difficult for local taxes and licenses), crashes, freezes, etc. It’s a scam to sell this product on a platform that doesn’t support it. The online version (thru the browser) is decent and the app on the phone is ok. App for a mac or even the full software on a mac is a joke. As they suggested, either use exclusively on your phone or buy a PC in order to use their software.

Quickbooks Online - “Where Functionality Doesn’t Matter"

We are a small company, with 5 employees making quotes. We were using Xero but decided to switch over QBO because we felt Xero was limited with it’s reporting and some of it’s functions. I had been using Quickbooks for Mac prior to Xero. I’m not sure what happened between QB for Mac and QBO but Intuit really dropped the ball on the funcationality of the online version. Here’s a short list of reasons why we’re banging our heads against the wall everytime we use QBO (this applies to this app, since the app is just a simplified browser window): - Freezes - this happens multiple times during each session when trying to load a page or hit “save”, the window freezes and you lose everything you just worked on. - No Markup - You can’t see your markup on estimates…kind of a big deal if your accounting software can’t tell you if you’re going to make or lose money…Quickbooks for Mac/Desktop has this feature - Custom Layouts - You can make custom layouts for printing - problem is when you save your new designs it doesn’t actually save them properly or at all so they still look wrong - Layers - you have to click through layers of pages to work on existing quotes, purchase orders, invoices etc. This is rediculous when we have 50 purchase orders we’re working on and each time we need to add items to one we have to cycle through pages to get to the vendor PO’s again. Add’s lots of unnecessary time to our work flow - Item Updates - you can’t update an item from a quote/invoice/PO page. We like to keep our pricing updated and when we’re building quotes we put in an item and realize the price is no longer accurate so we need to change the price in the system. Instead of having the ability to go to the item page directly, you have to leave the quote, cycle through some pages and then search for the item, open it, change the price, save it, cycle back to the quotes, search for the one you want, and open two more pages to get back. - Unwanted Logging Out - If you have multiple tabs open, say, to work on a quote and have another tab open to update items, it will randomly log you out on one of the tabs - Updates Don’t take Effect - If you are working on a quote and update an item in another tab/window, the newly updated item will appear on the quote when you type it in however it will bring in all the old information. If you refresh the page it still won’t update. It will however update product once you leave the quote and re-open it. This is a royal pain to have to save and close a quote everytime you make an item change. - The Good - QBO has a clean, simple user interface, many third party apps integrate with it.

Great for Small Business

I am able to write estimates, send invoices, reciepts, and collect payments with ease!

Poor reliability

This app is buggy. When opening, several windows will open asking for the password which should automatically login. Many buttons don’t work at various times and I need to switch to the web version to get things done. I would love this app if it was more reliable. Since it’s a business app, reliability is pretty crucial and it a major detriment to this app.


It has flaws, will not allow me to open the customer or vendor tabs on the left side of the screen

Finally has the features needed.

This app has become the hub of my businss. The features were a bit limited when I first subscribed a couple years ago, but they have a lot of improvements. The mobile especially has become more useful with the receipt logging alone.

Disapointed Mac user

I have purchased & used several Quick Books for Mac desktop versions over the past 10 years. In February of 2016, I upgraded to QB ’16 Mac desktop. Less than 2- months later I received an email from Quick Books informing me that Intuit payment system , for accepting online customer payments, was going to be shut down at the end of May ’16 . I made many calls to the QB customer support and the Mac tech support people to find out why, & what my options were so that I could continue to receive online payments. Their only solutions were to force me into switching to the online QB subscription version or purchase the Windows desktop version & run it thru Parallels. I tried to find a way to use another online payment service, that I could integrate into my QB customer invoice, but that proved to be far to complicated for both the customers & for my payment entry. I finally relented & switched to QB online, in January ’17. I am highly dissapointed with the very limited ability to customize the invoice format . Many of the functions of the desktop version are not available with the online version. This is definitely NOT an improved upgrade ! Quick Books has really dropped the ball when it comes to the Mac users.

I save so much time...

I literally have saved about 40 hours of work this Quarter syncing my bank accounts. I was using Desktop and entering everything manually. What a waste. There was one problem - when I attempted to import a csv file, it was a disaster. I figured out how to do it after about an hour of screwing around. Other than that I have not had any issues or found any glitches.

Horrible Mac App

The service itself I’m happy with, but can’t beleive they even call this an app. It is 100% the same as going to the website through your browerser, with LESS FUNCTIONALITY. The app doesn’t even remember your login and password (I can save in in my browser and not have to type it each time). And you also have to resize the window to what you like each time as well. I don’t even know whey they even tried with this app, they clearly put ZERO effort into it and just ported over the website. It’s not worth taking up the little space this used on your HD when you can use your browser for better functionality. The description says that the app will at least load faster than the browser, but that itsn’t even true.

Barely usable

Buggy, slow, apt to crash. Like the service…when it works. Basically just a shell for the website. Please fix this Quickbooks.

Its the Customer Service!!

Such a great customer service experience, if you ever have that small issue to that HUGE 3 hour backtrack-and-do-it-right-the-second-time issue, trust that QuickBooks has you covered with some of the nicest service reps!

Not impressed

They don’t make things easy to understand. There are too many steps to do certain things. When you email an invoice to a customer, it is not linked to your email, so you can’t easily figure out when it was sent. This app is not user friendly. It has it’s pros and cons. We paid for it, so we will use it. But overall, not happy with it.

Pointless UI Change

OK, so - checked the verision Im running, 2.4.7 that I can see after the update and the UI has magically changed itself. It looks NOTHING like the screenshots above and I have no way to change it back. Thanks, I have a million things to do this morning and now futzing with the new UI (and no option to go back that I can see) is wasting my time. Poorly thought out to say the least.

No offline mode, glitchy.

The biggest overall gripe I have with this app is that there isn’t an offline mode available. This is basically a glorified web portal. It runs reasonably well when connected to a fast network, but quickly becomes almost unusably slow when connected to anything slower. Company financial data is one of those information categories that often needs to be referenced in a hurry and in unplanned moments, so the lack of offline mode is infuriating sometimes. So why not just use QB desktop? Because I have a Mac. And QuickBooks has systematically handicapped the QB for Mac desktop software in an effort to shuttle people to this monthly subscription platform. I came from the QB for Mac platform and used that without any hiccups for years and years. Intuit canned the ability to accept payments using their payment system and left switching to this online platform as the only solution for accepting online payments on a Mac. My business relies on this, so I was forced to switch. Intuit really has this market cornered. They know the ubiquity of QuickBooks is a massive selling point, so switching away from QuickBooks when my accountant and others I work with all use it, is essentially impossible, so I’m stuck here with this garbage software.

Quickbooks online

We have had the new Quickbooks online for 8 months now. Before that I have used Quickbooks contractor for 15 years with no issues very robust. Now for the online version. It’s a joke to say the least. At this point they should have all the bugs worked out. App on Mac crashes all the time so I use the web version and everytime I open Quickbooks it tells me to downlaod the faster app. Ha Ha. The online verison is lacking so much from the desktop version that it is night and day. If you can stay with desktop verison or pick another aappliocation. Come on Quickbooks????????


I’ve used Quickbooks for over 10 years with no significant issues. However, QB online and its desktop version are the exception… extremely dissapointed at how slow the program has become lateley. Do NOT purchase, avoid it at all costs!!!


So the app works well. Nothing is explained and you have to a lot of self exploration in order to find what you want.

Doesn’t work with Quickbooks Self-Empoyed

The app says that i have an account with intuit but not with quickbooks. considering i have a paid subscription to quickbooks self-employed, you would think i would be able to see my account with this app.

Continues to be buggy and erratic

Coming from having worked with the PC desktop version of QB Pro (since Day 1 and Quicken befpre it: since 1988), this online (Mac) desktop App version is an extreme test of one’s patience. It’s even worse than the Mac desktop QB software. I do like the cloud aspect of the program and the ability to have multiple bank account downloads at once. But the fact that there continues to be some of the same bugs in the online version for the 1.5 years I’ve used it and its inability to recognize reoccuring items, has me pessimistic that this will ever be anywhere close to the quality of the PC desktop version—which is outstanding once you understand it. Added bonus, you pay more for this cloud version in the long run… bonus for Intuit. They continue to roll out improvements—that’s welcome. Unfortunately, some things like the shortcuts Star just cause more frustration. The shortcuts you add seem to all disappear quite often out of the blue. Perhaps it gets cleared with each software update, I don’t know. You can’t make a shortcut to more than one specific bank account, it only wants to take to the account you used last. But why even bother trying to create the shortcut when it will soon disappear? Another thing that is really frustrating is its inability to reliably update the data after a transaction has been recorded. Like when matching/adding bank download items, you’ll record a transaction in the Recognized tab, then go to the All tab and see those same transactions you just recorded. When you try to re-add them, QB tells you they’ve already been added. Duh. So why are you still showing them to me? Sometimes the right-click-refresh cures the problem, sometimes it doesn’t. These same refresh problems crop up elsewhere in the program. The reports are a little better now, but still lack in many ways. Their unreliability in refreshing the data can cause real headaches later when you realize your printed/PDF reports are all wrong because it didn’t refresh the data after a change. Sales tax reports are dismal in their detail and a customized report is very limited. The inability to have settings for the sales-tax-viewing page, like seeing quarterly amounts versus monthly, makes for unneccesary additional mouse clicks. Downloaded-transaction matching is poor, it will match a reoccuring transaction amount to a months prior transaction that’s already been matched in a previous download. While there are some really problematic things about this software, it still does the basic job of keeping your accounting up to date. Being able to access it via a mobile device makes it easier to check in more often and keep things updated. It’s certainly better than when they first rolled out the online version years ago (which was a total joke).

Zero effort to get up and running!

Compared to Xero? You guys had ZERO effort to get up and running and INFINITELY more support! Keep it up Intuit!

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