QuickBooks Examine App

I HATE this program! There has to be a better option out there!

App is riddled with problems. Constant updates do not fix anything. They are always looking to “sell” an upgrade. I might be interested if the basic functions of the program worked. The app is slow and cumbersome. Very limited ability to customize the layout of items. Checks do not print properly. I must export to a pdf file and then manipulate to make things line up appropriately. Cost of monthly service does not equal the benefit.

Incredibly slow & buggy **UPDATE**

June 2018 Update: So, while this app is still terrible (original review below), it turns out Intuit has been supporting version THREE as a direct download only on their QB Online website. Don’t bother downloading this — go navigate through their (terrible) website and find the actual version of QBOL Mac there. It’s still not great, but compared to this? You’ll think you went to QBOL heaven for at least a few hours… **Original Review** The app is much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, slower than simply accessing QBOL directly through the browser. Take the time to read each and every “much” in the above sentence. That is how much longer pages take to load in the app when compared to Safari on the same machine. It’s that painful. Add in the reality that any attempts to connect an account that require a re-Captcha always require 9-10 pages of “click all the images containing a street sign” in the app, while in Safari the human-detection actually works (usually no image clicking needed), and you have a recipe for simply deleting the app and using the browser. This is incredibly frustrating, as in theory an app with cached graphics and some offline functionality should drastically improve the user experience.

Rarely works

"there was a problem loading this content. Please try again later.” Get used to that statement because you’ll see that message more often than you will see your company’s numbers. I’ve been “trying” to use this application for a few years now, and everytime I come back to it hoping they have resolved loading issues, slowness, crashing it lets me down. Having this as a separate application instead of using a browser window is an amazing feature, if they could get it to work. This is a really big let down.

Good for small, solo practice

I read some of the reviews and can understand their dilmnas. But for me, as a solo practice, small business-it is just what I needed. For 10 bucks a month, I can organize my expenses and income, get a nice visual, and give my accountant access so he can look at it and fix my mistakes. I have the app both on my laptop and my iPad. I really like it and can’t imagine what I woudl have done without it.

Awesome, very helpful!

I love it, they did an awesome job with the app.

Don’t buy this app if you care about your business and your data.

It is a basic set of features. If you want to do anything like custom classes or automatic invoicing, you need to upgrade. EXCEPT - you CAN’T upgrade this version. Apple will tell you they can cancel the subscription to transfer the billing to Quickbooks, but Quickbooks will immediately cut you off. The only way to migrate from this app, according to Quickbooks support, is to transfer to the desktop version of the app, then transfer back to online, then upgrade your plan. Also, each time Quickbooks decides to raise the price of this app store subscription (which they’ve done twice in three years), they can’t figure out how to apply the increased price to this app. So for months you receive a warning about payment being overdue and threats to cancel your account and delete your data. It’s a nightmare and good luck getting phone support people to understand the circumstances. Just avoid this app as it honestly feels like a half-butt attempt with an incredibly limited feature set. If you must use Quickbooks, buy direct from Quickbooks. I’m now stuck in this version, or I can buy the desktop version just to use it for a pass-through back to Quickbooks online. Please. Save your money.

Good? Not so much.

I’ve used this app 3 times now, and three times it crashed on the first task. I’m surprised it doesn’t crash on launch. I can’t tell you if it operates well or not, cause I can’t get the bloody thing to stay operating. If this app were a fish, it would be Billy Bass on the wall. If this app were a small mammal, it would be instant roadkill. If I had to choose between using this app and being nibbled to death by ducks, I’d sit down and think it over.

Functional but cumbersome UI

The QB App on my MacBook is fairly full-featured but it seems to be rather tedious to do simple repetitive tasks like creating invoices or adding new customers. Just seems to take way too many clicks. I’d really like to see this aspect of the user experience optimized. Reporting also needs improvement. Again, completely functional but just seems like it could polished to make the user experience a joy rather than tedious.


The App is having issues, I cannot select a couple of options, the most simplest one is adding a NEw Account in chart of accounts, when i click the green box nothing happens.!! The Online in browser is much much much better.

Glitchy, slow, full of bugs, and crashes constantly

I am actually a bit shocked at how terribly this app functions. From back buttons that don’t work (about every third click works but it takes you back that many pages as well) to frequent crashes and error reports, hyperlinks that dont’ actually work unless you hold the mouse perfectly still and click on them about 4 ro 5 times, and a ridiculously slow response time… So sad, because I do prefer native apps rather than browser-based when available, but the browser-based version (which looks identical but actually works) is really the only way I can get work done efficiently and effectively with QB.

Slow, buggy app and descriminated against my business

First off this app is terrible. Slow, buggy, crashes all the time. Did I mention how sloooooooow it is. Just use the browser since it’s faster. Then to top things off they denied my payment options and invoicing because “the type of business” I am in. All I sell are Items that you could take through TSA at any airport legally without a second look from security, but Intuit doesn’t like to support the US Constitution. Just because my products are firearm related I get denied payment processing and hundreds of dollars in transactions held for weeks? I’ll be finding another company to use for books and taxes after this. Not accaptible!

Not impressed

The only thing the QB app does consistently is crash. It is not stable, and takes a long time to open. Also disappointed with the way QB syncs to my bank accounts. It was downloading transactions twice and making reconciling a nightmare. It’s unfortunate that QB is considered the industry standard.


This app is super buggy for Mac, it’s not 100% functional. I can’t add categories anymore. AND they have the gall to charge raise their prices on a SUBSCRIPTION service without making it work correctly. I really hate this app- but there are no options for Mac.

Could be much better

This “application” is basically just a specialized web browser pointing only to Intuit QuickBooks Online service. It would have been much better if it was the real desktop application put into the App Store. Software for subscription is what is ruining the industry. Still has not been updated to be a real application.

Slow, Glitches, tons of Bugs

I had to open and close the app 3 times just ot get to the login screen! once logged in, bank accounts didnt sync, billing software was buggy. Im not sure I trust this software jsut yet. they need to squash a ton of bugs

Old and out of date

The Mac App Store version of QuickBooks is out of date. Note that the last update was in June, 2017. The other app you can download from their website is in version 3.3.7 while this app is v. 2.4.8. Granted, the other app is not exactly a native build - they’re using JavaScript or something - it doesn’t look as good and is just as buggy. Best to use the website, unfortunately.

Constant difficulty logging in, terrible customer service

I chose quickbooks because I wanted something that just worked to do simple invoicing for my small business. Instead, I got multiple issues with logging in. The cherry on top was my subscription got cancelled, even though it was active in my itunes account and quickbooks support said they couldn’t do anything. They’re happy to extract a monthly fee for their shoddy service, but not willing to go the extra step to keep a customer. Would not recommend.


Qhickbooks has been a powerful tool to became a great bussines.

Spawns infinite processes

This app spawns hundreds of versions of itself until my system crashes. Unusable.

Doesn't work at all.

Here is the entire experience of using this app: 1. Log in. 2. See a list of clients. 3. Select one. 4. "There was a problem loading this content. Please try again later." 5. Click the "Sign Out" button below that message. It's been 5 days trying to use this more or less continuously and it's never once showed me a client's books. It just doesn't work; stick to the web site.

Slow, Buggy, and too few features in standard setting

…there’s some things with QB that don’t make sense e.g. When I change payee, it deletes all the attachments, or when I put a line item in an invoice, I have to assign it to something otherwise it goes as a service and adds into my total revenue. Okay, so some things I can work around. But it crashes all the time. All the time. All the time. ALL. THE. TIME. (sense my frustration?) Only the premium version has all the reports. Why is this? There’s a huge difference between having access to reports and Enterprise class, multiple users. And the price jumps, a lot. Reports reset sometimes without warning, load slowly, etc.. You can’t split expenses with charges that clients pay you back in invoices. Again, gotta upgrade to that expensive enterprice class. Memo and Description, you can’t switch those out, and in reports you can’t orgranize by amount. Really this is for someone who next to nothing as far as running a business other than invoicing time or a product or two. Looking to other desktop programs than this hunk of junk. Would like it if the desktop PC version could be available for Mac.

Stay away if you bank with BB&T

Quickbooks downloads duplicates & triplicates of your transactions and it’s a major complaint from many BB&T customers / Quickbooks users. They each blame each other but the bottom line it’s Quickbooks responsibility to make sure their app works. Customer service has been saying for many years that they are working on a fix but don’t hold your breath.

Worst Customer Service Experience I have ever Had NO NO NO

Do not get this app… I could not sign in and I called Intuit tech support… They heard the word “Mac”… click… I was on the AppleCare queue… Do Not Download this junk… If you must use QBO, do yourself a favor and use a browser. This is just stupid. Thanks for reading my first review… I’m that mad.

The data won’t load. Buggy and frustrating.

I went from the intuit website downloaded program to the App Store. I spent so much time on intuit support, and they couldn’t figure it out either. Just bad code or bad developers or both. Please fix developers! Or get better developers.

Works Great

Does what you expect. I do really like the short keys.

Won’t batch send emails.

This app is definitely buggy but the other day I tried to send a general mail to all of our customers and it won’t open up the browser and access gmail. It will send estimates and invoices just fine. We got it to open apple mail up and enter all of the addresses but then it wouldn’t let us type ANYTHING anywhere on the mail. Talked to intuit and they blamed apple. Talked to apple they blame intuit. Was told it is the app developers fault…… Typical stuff huh? Lol Does anyone of any significance READ these comments or is this just out in open airspace floating around forever?

Great, by can be frustrating

I love the ease of transfering my checkbook and credit card transactions to the Quickbooks and the ability for my accountant to login from his location. The ease of use is awesome! However, the app unexpectedly shuts down on me quite frequently. This is so frustrating. This needs to be fixed!

One of the Worst Apps Produced

This is quite possibly the worst app you will find on the App Store. Very very buggy—it is not uncommon for this app to crash 6-7 times in one hour. Half of the buttons do not work—you must awkwardly navigate using the keybaord. And you have enough time to make a sandwich between entering transactions, or a three-course meal if you are running a report. Intuit should really be ashamed of this.


Can not connect to bank accounts during setup. Same thing happens in a web browser. Don’t get it unless you like looking at spinning wheels. And don’t bother with phone support, I waited more than 30 minutes before hanging up.

now broken for os 10.10.5

update 1/16/17. I updated to os 10.13 and things work ok including printing checks. App is broken for os 10.10 but works for 10.13. My fault for not upgrading os and giving a bad review. Severely broken. The app used to work well, but is now unusable. While it loads fine, and some modules work, all printing functions including invoicing, check printing and any work relating to pdf do not work at all. All attempts to contact support have gone ignored. DO NOT ABANDON THE STAND ALONE APPLICATION. I am going back and am having trouble doing so. This is very frustrating, especially with such an important function.

Simple and easy to use

Its an amazing program

I love quickbooks but hate this app

I try to add an account and the “new” button is there but nothing happens as is the case with other funtions and buttons… come on guys I pay $600 bucks a year for this crap… ($50 a month) I’ve had much better success from my 20 year old quickbooks ’99 program on my old PC until you stopped supporting it!!! FIX THIS NOW!!!! I am positive there are other accounting programs out there!!

Crashes Contstanly

The software has a lot of great features but crashes constantly. When you have to verify “you’re not a machine” sometimes you have to click on dozens of images. My record is 58.

Wont load and just keeps refreshing!!!! even when app is up to date!!

program keeps crashing!!!!!

Does not work anymore

Cannot use the app after updates to MacOS.

Great… When it doesn’t crash

Main benefit is having a separate window that doesn’t require constant login. However, it’s extremely unstable. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written out a complex, multi-line invoice to have the app crash and lose everything. I have to consciously hit save every minute or so to ensure I don’t lose what I’ve done… Very frustrating.

Not The Real Quickbooks

This should be labeled Quickbooks online. Check with your Tax Professional to make sure this is the Application for you. I did not like how it interfaced with my American Express. Customer Service is easily confused if you pay for this through iTunes rather than a direct credit card.

Eli Ace

amazing tool

crashes with High Sierra

Seems to crash fairly often since moving to High Sierra - contacting QuickBooks they’ll tell you it’s compatible without any issues, the actual experience is unfortunately the opposite. Also since the update, noticed that reports have a VERY hard time pulling any data other than the default “90 days ago” search result. Every time i switch to “this year”, it give s me a refresh screen saying that QB is having a hard time retreiving my data… sure. Very dissapointing as the app was the way to go until the OS update. QBO through the browser has always been clunky and slow.

Not very impressed so far

Works ok (with MAC), but crashes quite often. It’s annoying how often it asks me to sign in even after asking it to remember my password. Quite a few glitches. Our CPA signed us up to use this program 3 months ago, we are still not sure if we want to keep on using it.

SUPER SLOW on MAC (buy PC and desktop version maybe)

Extremely extremely slow app, the full page needs refresh EVERYTIME you check a checkbox or enter something in a field. Customer services say their tolerance is 3 to 10 seconds between each operation ! Not good when you simply need to review more than one bank transactions. Many menus won’t load at first try, needs repeating clicks. Crashes regularely on MAC COMPUTERS (latest OS on high performance macbook pro model). Been forced to use it but will be moving to other online service if they don’t improve. Been patient for a whole year in hope they would catch up but they’re still very very very behind to this day. If the developpers need to wait 3s to 10s at every line of code they write, customers can wait forever. So, if you hesitate getting the online service, i suggest you only use the desktop version with some SSD servers if you really need to access the database remotely.

Just like the web version

This app is identical to the web version in most ways. I imagine there are things unavailable in the app version, but I’ve yet to find them. Rating 5 stars because it works as expected and it doesn’t log you out.

Extraordinary value

I use the app for a small psychiatric practice billing. Worked perfectly, for an amazing price. Started to crash with upgrade of operating system — but customer service responded with a fix — really just a reset — and it has worked flawlessly since.

Avoid at all costs!

Used to work great, but has been buggy for the last 6-8 months. I have had to make numerous calls with their Quickbooks Support team and have to repeat many of the same steps over… and over… and over again. It’s taken up at least 20-24 hours of my life over six months. Every time their support team said they would have to escalate the matter and look into it further and they promised to contact me in a few days… then weeks would go by and no one would call or email EXCEPT to ask me to rate their service. I highly recommend everyone to look to other services for their accounting. Quickbooks used to be a standard for small business, but their product is no longer reliable. They have managed to make Excel look tempting!


I love quickbooks but their app is horrible. Everytime I use it (daily) it crashes multiple times with constant error messages popping up. I really hope they fix it but as of now don’t even waste your time with it. Extremely frustrating and disappointing you can’t get anything done with it.

Crashes, hangs, inconsistent service

This is a lousy program. Two weeks ago it stopped allowing me to login via the app. I finally deleted the program, and reinstalled via App Store. It installs (according to app store), but a program never shows up in the Applications Folder. When I click “open” on the icon in the App Store, nothing opens (because there’s no file in the Applications Folder). Reboot. Try again. Reboot. Try again. When I could use the program, it was glitchy. For example, it crashed regularly (probably once a month) while I was running payroll. It crashed at other times. The “help” line folks are kind, and aim to assist, but their efforts do not seem to resolve the problems. Last payroll, an online rep canceled a Direct Deposit (days before it was to post), since the employee quit. I received a cancelation confirmation from Intuit. Yet, Intuit still paid the DD, so I had to ask the employee to reimburse me for a paycheck that he hadn’t earned. Too many problems with this program and its service.

Nov. Upate Breaks this app

Since the update the week of Nov. 5, I cannot login in the app even. I deleted it and reinstalled it, and now I cant even make to to the login in screen. Get your act together Intuit. This QB online is a massive fail, from a 10 year desktop used who is now stuck with QB online. Edit: The 4th instaltion of the app worked and now I can login in. But, it took 4 instals to even get to this point. Hopefully it is smoother sailing from here.

Crashes Daily, Mutiple Times

Intuit has *a lot* of work to do here. Their Mac App is constantly glitchy, and it’s little and big things… drop down search stops working, check boxes when reconciling don’t work, error pages, the entire app decides to restart while you’re in the middle of something… and the CRASHING. This app crashes on me *at least* once a day. Which of course means that whatever you were working on is GONE. Do yourself a favor… stay away from this app… it’s hot garbage. *Update… this App has crashed 10 times within the last 3 hours.

customer drop down

One bug that has been driving me crazy is when you type in a customers name, if you don’t type it 100% as listed you cannot press enter to select that customer. For instance on the website if I type “John S” for the customer John Smith, usually it will make the suggestion and I can either press enter or use an arrow key till I get that person. On the app I have to go to the mouse and click the name in the suggestion bubble so it will bring the correct name up in the entry field prior to pressing enter. I know this seams trivial but the app did not always have this problem, and when you are cruising along and you press enter prematurly without seeing if the customer name populated the field correctly it will give you an error saying customer does not exist. It sets you back when you are going between customers quickly.

Almost unusable

Really just a wrapper for the web version. I’ve tried to use it over the past couple of months, but I keep getting a message that it’s taking too long to access my data and then it reloads and I have to start over to get back to the report I was reviewing. I’m giving up and going back to the browser. I can see no advntage to using this terrible app over just using the browser.

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